The knowledge of cultural heritage is one of the milestones in the educational training of students.

The Association Artretruria, on request, performs educational activities at school Institutes, with the objective of providing students with the tools to increase knowledge of cultural heritage of the world.
Taking into account the educational formation of classes, will be introduced concepts of art history and archeology, continuing with practical activities where students as major actors for word processing, graphics and photographic surveys.
The ultimate goal will be to create a cultural route aimed at school children and the presentation of a package tour.

The program can be described as follows:

  • Knowledge of the area’s history
  • concepts of art history and archeology
  • of archaeological and architectural emergencies Studio
  • Inspections and graphics and photographic surveys
  • Compiling the information sheets
  • Word Processing
  • Tourist route Planning
  • Preparation shows with The path name
  • Development of a tour guide

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